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logo_ops.jpg (5438 bytes) Introduction of the OPS Track Engine, now with 14mm Crankshaft
A long standing brand of engines seems to be making a comeback. The brand name OPS used to be synonimous with top performance and innovative ideas and materials before any of the current main players even existed. But as time has shown, Italians are much better engine builders than managers, which is the case even for current top brands.
ops14mm-F.jpg (14594 bytes) The new crew at OPS is employing all the tricks at their disposal, some old and some new. The latest onroad engine finally has a 14mm crankshaft which is lightened with drillings on the outer circumference. OPS has always done that on the high end engines. I much prefer this method to the center boring and gummi filling of the other brands because it removes weight that is further out from the center and therefore is more relevant for reducing rotating mass.The engine case is about 10 years old and used to have 6! mounting points but it is well made, then and now.

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Here is what i hear often from racers that are "newbies" when it comes to the OPS brand."They are modified from the factory...", well, i disagree because they have always done that kind of thing to their engines and nobody else did. One must understand that the original group of people involved with the brand were the best and most knowledgeable engine builders in the world. Many of which are involved with the success of the more known names today.OPS people were always doing things first and better than most others.

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The sleeve comes with the same port configuration as the latest and greatest engines the competition has to offer except for the "+2" nonsymetrical cutouts in the piston skirt. This gives some more weight savings and contributes to keeping the piston cooler as the mixture can flow through the piston in the early down stroke.Transfer ports are on the large side for an onroad engine and fuel consumption is not known at this time. While i am sure that power will not be an issue, the 5 minute runtime is a must. The con rod has a wide beam but is milled out significantly to reduce weight.

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How to get a more favorable balance ratio without adding tungsten slugs? Well, looks like whoever is making the technical decisions at OPS these days is "in the know". This new engine as well as their current crop of offroad engines are amidst the best engines in the world. Now if the people at OPS would stop doing the "Italian Rodeo"- i.e. poor managment and marketing skills and hire a english speaking marketing manager and find some distributors OPS could shine again.

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PS: To whoever cares at the current OPS management team in Italy - Your website is so bad i won't even post a link here. I have seen better ones done by 5 year old children. Chiao.

Good Racing,

Rich Reid

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